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Play 2k Shoot Game

The 2K Shoot game is quite interesting. Once you get started, you can’t feel a single dull moment. It’s a fun number shooting game, where you have to hit similar numbers to get swiped.

When similar numbers are swiped vertically, diagonally, or horizontally, you will earn points. However, there is a time limit. If you keep thinking about finding an ideal number, and meanwhile the new numbers touch the ground, you will lose the game.

How to Play 2k Shoot?

  • This number targeting game is all about identifying the right number and shooting the same.
  • There is no lifeline available. So, you have to make sure that your next move is correct and appropriate.
  • The numbers will be available in the multiples of 2 and 4.
  • If you play well, you can move to the next level.


  • It’s a colourful game that you can play for hours.
  • The game makes use of high-quality graphics for a superior user interface.
  • If you love numbers, you can enjoy the game even more.
  • You can teach numbers and multiplication to kids through the game.
  • The game has interesting background music which will keep you glued to the screen.

You can play the game easily even if you are trying it for the first time.

There are multiple levels to try and compete in the game. Each time you successfully win a level, you will get lots of points and scores.

It’s a free game and you can play it every day without worrying about fees or charges.

You can enjoy the game even when you are running low on your data balance. 2K Shooting doesn’t exhaust your data balance.

Once you start enjoying the game, you can’t wait to compete and win more levels.

There are lots of interesting elements and surprises in the game. You will get to know about them when you successfully move up the levels.

All rights of the 2K Shooting game are owned by MyGamePlay.