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Play Bounce

Want to try a unique way of bouncing ball games? Grab your favourite bouncing ball game in a unique way. You have to bounce the ball by tapping the screen and make the ball bounce on the same colour.

Isn’t it interesting? You need to bounce the ball and make it land on the same colour as the ball. If the ball hits against a different colour, the game is over.

Try your luck with multiple colours and achieve a high score. Your points increase with every bounce and ultimately, you can earn bonus points.

How to Play Bounce?

  • Tap on Play to begin the game
  • Click somewhere on the screen to make the ball bounce
  • Make sure to click till the ball lands on the same colour as the ball
  • As the ball lands on the same colour, the colour of the ball and wall changes
  • As you level up, the fun is unlimited


  • Colourful ball game with stunning graphics
  • Get ready for unlimited action
  • No time limit, just endless fun
  • Addictive gameplay

Play anytime and anywhere from the browser. It is totally mesmerising and filled with interesting challenges. Think ahead logically before making the bounces. It is perfect for players of all ages and abilities. No skills required. All you need is the zeal to play and challenge your friends.

Try it out today and check your high score!

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