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Play Dunk Shot

Do you like Basketball? Have you ever wished to become a top-notch Basketball player? Why should you wait? Get all the excitement of the Basketball match in the Dunk shot game.

You can play a free Dunk Shot game anywhere and anywhere. It’s completely free. All you have to do is make the right aim so that the ball goes into the basket at the right time.

How to Play Dunk Shot?

  • The game starts with two baskets. The basket on the left side will have a ball inside it. You have to drag it appropriately to make sure that your ball goes inside the basket on the right side.
  • There is no timer in the game. You can take as much time as you need to strategize your next move.
  • However, there is no lifeline system in the game. Once you start playing the game, you have to tread very cautiously.
  • Any wrong move means you have lost the match.


  • Though Dunk Shot is one of the best Free Kids Games for users who love basketball, it suits people of all age groups.
  • You can indulge in the game to get your mind refreshed or to entertain yourself.
  • It can also be a brilliant idea to introduce the concept of basketball to your kids gradually through this game.
  • Dunk Shot is a browser game that you can play on any device you wish to.
  • The game is available in cool orange and white colours. It won’t cause strain on your eyes.
  • The more you practice the game, the more you can score.

Your current score will be displayed on top of the game’s screen.

You have an option to choose a basketball based on your total points earned.

Overall, it’s a simple and easy game that you can start playing without any need of checking its instructions.

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