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Play Merge Fish Game

Merge fish is a colourful game in which you have to place all similar types of fish in the same row. They will be automatically swiped and merged to add to your final score.

If you get more and more fish merged, your score will increase too. However, if you fix all boxes with various fish which are not of the same category, you will eventually lose the game.

Merge Fish is one of the most interactive browser games online. You can start playing it on any browser that you use.

How to Play Merge Fish?

  • Your ultimate goal while playing merge fish is to clear as many rows and columns as you can.
  • The game board will contain a total of 16 boxes. You have to fill all boxes with similar fishes.
  • When three or more fishes are lined up in the same row horizontally or vertically, they will be merged.
  • You will get points every time fishes get merged.
  • There are also multiple ways to earn more points when you successfully merge combo boxes.
  • You have to make each move as per the situation of the game.


  • This game is ideal for users who want a relatively relaxing game.
  • There is no timer in the game. You can keep playing for as much time as you want.
  • There are three types of fish available in the game in various colours—pink, red, and orange
  • On the right-hand side, you will get a hint about the next fish.
  • Depending upon your game strategy, you should choose the correct game strategy to proceed further.

If you love to play games online, merge fish is for you. It’s absolutely free.

The game comes with intuitive graphics and interesting elements. Your best score will be displayed on the right-hand side along with your current score. Play it once, you will become its fan.

All rights of merge fish are owned by MyGamePly.