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Play Alpha Ball Game

Alpha Ball Game is full of fun, excitement and thrill. It is all about making interesting words from the available combination of letters on the screen. You have to arrange all letters in such a way that they form a meaningful word. Once you successfully form a word, you will get points.

The words arranging game is perfect to spend time.. You will get plenty of time to frame words. You can even use its hint and bin options for more help.

How to Play Alpha Ball?

  • It is a words puzzle game. You have to understand which words to form from the available hints.
  • You can frame any words from the given letters. However, each word you frame must be at least 4 letters or more.
  • If you frame a wrong word, you can’t proceed further. But you can use the backspace key to delete that word and fill the box with a new word.
  • The game is all about trial and error. You can make any meaningful words except a person’s name.
  • You will get points and rewards for each successful word completion.


  • This sports puzzle game is available in a dark blue background. You have the option of turning the sound option off or on.
  • You can even take the help of an online dictionary available in the game.
  • You have multiple rewards to win in this game.
  • Users who have strong vocabulary powers tend to do better in this game.
  • If you are looking for an educational game for your kids or loved ones, this game can help.
  • Teachers can also take the help of this game to teach new words to their students.
  • This game is suitable for users of all age groups.

The alpha game runs in full-screen mode, but you can also adjust its screen size as per your choice.

The game is available on various devices and gadgets.

All rights to Alpha Ball Game are owned by MyGamePlay.