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Play Awaken the ocean

Awaken the ocean is a fun number game. If you have a good grasp of patterns and numbers, you can easily win a lot of the game’s levels. There are over 40 game levels to try and compete.

Depending upon your mathematical skills and quantitative aptitude, you can choose a level of your choice. However, new users are advised to start afresh and play level 1.

It is a number puzzle game, and you have to check the pattern and make the right move accordingly.

How to Play Awaken the ocean?

  • The game is all about making trial and error. There is no specific formula to follow and win it.
  • Once the game starts, you will see a number and blank boxes.
  • When you swipe a number or digit horizontally or vertically, the hidden fish or aquatic creatures will get revealed immediately.
  • If your swiping was successful, you will move to the next level.
  • But if you play the game incorrectly, you can’t move further.


  • Awaken the Ocean is a fun number game. The concept of the game revolves around an ocean and aquatic creatures.
  • If you make successful moves, you can witness a lot of new types of aquatic creatures hidden inside the boxes.
  • The game comes with an interesting sky blue-coloured interface.
  • It will give you a real simulation of an ocean. You will see a lot of fish swimming on your screen.
  • Kids would love the game for its simplicity and colourful elements.
  • If you wish to indulge in a cool interactive game after a hard day’s work, this game is ideal.

The game runs in its full-screen mode on a Desktop and laptop. However, you can adjust the window screen size as per your choice.

Before getting started, you should practice the game four-five times. It will help you perform even better when you play the game next time with your friends and family members.

All rights of Awaken the Ocean are owned by MyGamePlay.