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Play Basket Slide

Basket Slide is a simple basketball game. Here both the basket and the ball move concurrently. You have to slide the basket in such a way that the ball stays above your basket.

You have to simply drag the ball in such a way it goes straight into a basket. Each time you successfully get the ball dragged inside a basket, you will move to the next level.

You will get an opportunity to accomplish multiple levels throughout the game.

How to Play Basket Slide?

  • In the game, you have to perfectly slide the ball and the basket.
  • After a few steps, you can place a ball above the basket. Once you arrange the ball and basket perfectly, you have to drag the ball into the basket.
  • Soon, you will get a point for it and also move up the ladder at level 2.
  • You will see obstacles in the form of closed bricks. It helps you place the basket and ball carefully in their appropriate order to score a goal.
  • You will get an option of ball customization when you have at least 500 points in your hand. There are other ball designs also available, which you can access after having secured the minimum points for buying the same.


  • The game comes with a cool intuitive interface.
  • The colour scheme in the game is eye-friendly and won’t cause too much strain.
  • It has interesting background music.
  • It is a simple game that you can play without any need for consulting instructions.
  • There is no timer on Basket Slide. You can take a lot of time to plan your every move.

Basketball enthusiasts will love the game for its interesting concept. Even users who don’t have any idea about Basketball can also play it.

It is a free game and all users across the world can get free access to it.

All rights of Basket Slide are owned by MyGamePlay.