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Play Circles

Love playing circle games? Circles is a ridiculously simple game that you will become obsessed with. The rules of this game are simple.

All you need to do is to keep the circles jump without hitting the line. The circle hits the line and you miss your turn. Collect gems to unlock new circles. Create your best score and challenge your family members or friends to beat your score.

How to Play Circles?

  • Tap on Play to start the game
  • Click the mouse or tap the screen to cause the circle jump
  • The circle falls due to gravity automatically.
  • Collect points by not touching the line
  • Points are scored each time the circle jumps
  • The game gets over, when the circle touches the line


  • Stunning graphics
  • Interesting challenges
  • Engaging and unlimited fun
  • Special bonus
  • Fun and relaxing
  • Easy one click control
  • Endless gameplay

Let’s see how much you can score without touching the line. It’s fun to play the Circles Game on your PC or mobile.

Sounds easy enough? Here is the twist. The line will not always be straight.It changes its height, shape and form - as you move forward. To make it far, you need to practice making fast clicks. Make sure not to be too fast nor slow. Finding the right balance between the click is important to reach far.

Why late? Tap the circle to start the game and experience the thrilling adventure that keeps you engaged for hours.

How did you find the Circles game? Drop your comments with your best score or get in touch with us to give your suggestions.

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