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Play Desert Road

Desert Road is for users and gaming enthusiasts who want to enjoy thrill rides with multiple challenges. You have to simply use the navigation arrows to move the car right-left up-and-down.

Desert road game is all about how skillfully you can drive your car through the desert road amid all the challenges ahead.

At each step, there are multiple rewards to be won. You will also find a wing option, which helps your car to drive across the sky overcoming all challenges on the way.

Keep the navigation button pressed on to boost up the speed of your vehicle. You can cover as much distance as you can on the car. Your score will be displayed on top. Each time you grab a coin while driving, you earn a point.

How to Play Desert Road?

  • The message will show press any key to get started.
  • The game starts as soon as you play any key.
  • You will find obstructions on the desert road like other vehicles, dividers, etc.
  • Drive cautiously to stay safe and alive in the game.


  • It’s an HTML5-powered car racing game.
  • Easy to play for all age groups
  • The game background is multi-colored.
  • Your cab will be yellow in color.
  • Options like refreshment beverages, coins, and petrol.
  • You can increase the speed of the vehicle by keeping the arrow button pressed on.
  • It is a good game for time pass.

If you wish to play fun racing games with a simple graphic and interactive interface, Desert road game is your perfect choice.

Most interesting aspect of the game is its universal appeal. Any person, with or without previous online gaming experience or skill, can participate in such games and enjoy the ride.

It is completely free of cost. And users can play the game continuously for hours. The game is so simple; you don’t need to even read any instructions before playing the game.

All rights of Desert road game are owned by MyGamePlay.