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Play Draw In

Draw In is a FREE game, where all you need to do is reckon the length of the shape and complete the picture. Make sure the line stops precisely in the correct area so that it lands up in the red area. The closer the length of the outline, the better the shape.

How to Play Draw In?

  • The rule is simple! Tap the screen till you draw a line with the approximate length of the picture. The indications on the background will help you remember the length of the last drawn line.
  • You need to evaluate the length of the line to be drawn based on the picture. Remember that the length of the line should neither be too short nor too long.
  • See how many pictures you can draw! Work your way by collecting different images and have unlimited fun.


  • SSuitable for all age groups
  • Addictive game
  • Attractive and cute images
  • Can be played multiple times

It is an interesting concept game that requires focus, time and analysis. Check by playing multiple times how closer you get and break your own record. Challenge your friends and ask them to break your record. If you love playing Draw In, you can spend hours without getting bored.

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