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Play Fire Number

Welcome to the world of numbers! Get ready for the latest number popping adventure game!
If you love shooting games and can’t get fun with puzzles or brain teasers, play FIRE NUMBER for free and get ready for hours of endless fun. With new
Fire Number is a shooting puzzle game. Your task in this game is to swipe the shooter left and right to shoot blocks with numbers. The number in the block shows the number of times you need to shoot to destroy the block. You can also collect some extra points and add more power with new bullets. So, destroy as many blocks as you can to score the highest.
Enjoy shooting number blocks to move forward. Collect power-ups and move forward while shooting the numbers. You have to start again if you miss the number.

How to Play Fire Number?

  • Tap on the screen to shoot
  • Drag the gun to move
  • Collect the power-ups that you come across
  • Shoot the number blocks and move forward


  • Stunning animations and colourful graphics
  • Easy to play for all age groups
  • No pressure and no time limit
  • Hundreds of challenging levels and power-ups
  • Special power-ups to pass the challenges
  • Finely tuned shooting mechanics

Shooting numbers is the best way to relax and relieve all your stress. Come and play the game! Challenge your friends to break your highest score!

This awesome Fire Number game is a real brain trainer to test your tactics and skills as you pop and burst your way around. Use your strategic and logical skills to plan the moves and make the big numbers drop.

Get ready for the next shooting addiction. As the game progresses, it gets more engaging and addictive.

Liked the game? We would like to know your feedback and suggestions to make it more enjoyable.

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