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Play House Paint

Want to showcase your creative skills? People with a creative bent of mind can play the House Paint game. This game is all about completing house blocks available in specified colours. Each time you successfully paint a house, you proceed to the next stage.

Even a non-tech savvy user can also participate in such games. All you need is a PC and a few creative skills to get started.

It is a simple game, and users or players of any age can play the game. As you progress on its successive stages, you will get more time to paint a house block.

Another advantage of playing this game is your access to building a city.

Using your score and earned points, you can also upgrade your level and start building a city. You will get plenty of blank plots of land to build your house using your own imaginative skills.

How to Play House Paint?

  • Press the play button to get started.
  • As soon as you press the start button, a colour brush will start blinking.
  • Drag the brush from all sides using your mouse to paint a block.
  • When you successfully do it, you move to the next stage.
  • Each block comes with a different colouring option.


  • House Paint is a free HTML5 game.
  • Get cash reward each time you successfully paint a block.
  • The game comes with a yellow background, which is less straining to the eyes.
  • The scorecard is shown on top of the right-hand side.

House colours paint is suitable for all users irrespective of the difference in language, educational background, technical knowledge and difference in the use of gadgets.

It is a fun paint game that goes on and on upon successful completion of each level. You can play it on multiple devices and gadgets irrespective of their operating system as per your wish and requirement.

All rights of the House paint game are owned by MyGamePly.