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Do you remember that fun one-stroke drawing game we all used to play? Where we need to draw a shape covering all the dots without overwriting any lines. NODE is an upgraded digital version of that interesting game.

There are no complex rules to play NODE. Trace your finger from one dot to another, to draw a line. With each line, just make sure you draw the given shape completely and cover all the dots. You can't cross or overwrite the lines by default.

With each level, the shapes become more difficult and it's harder to trace them in one go. For every successful level completion, your performance is rated out of 3 stars. The more the stars, the better the performance. At any given point during the game, you can undo the last move with a button given at the bottom of the screen. You can also erase all the progress with one click at any time if you want.

If you wish to quit the game, which we know you won't, just press the home button and you'll be redirected to the home screen.

How to Play NODE?

  • Trace your finger to connect dots and draw a line
  • Try to draw the entire given shape by covering all the dots
  • You can't overwrite, or cross an already drawn line
  • If you make any move by mistake undo it with a single click


  • Smooth gliding to draw shapes
  • Control the music in settings
  • Engaging & Intricate UI
  • Quit the game whenever you want with one click

NODE is the new age variation of the old-school one-stroke drawing game. Play right away if you're bored and want to have a hint of nostalgia in your online gaming experience. As the game reaches a new level, you'll find more interesting shapes, so keep playing and keep unlocking new levels. Another exciting thing about NODE is the simplicity of control through the easy drag and draw.

Are you ready for an addictive gaming experience with NODE? We bet you'll be hooked for hours once you start playing. Start right away!

Do you have any suggestions for us to make NODE a better game? We're all ears. All your feedback is important to us and there's nothing more we wish for!