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Play Omino

Omino is a super-engaging game exclusively developed for gaming enthusiasts who often find enjoyment in colour matching games.

Omino is super-easy to play. Try matching 3 similar coloured rings or more to pop them all. You can match the rings horizontally or vertically as you wish. Your target is to pop as many rings as you can to score higher and higher.

You can match these rings in longer chains or sequences for a higher score. Every time you pop a set of rings, a new coloured ring appears on the board. Drag and drop the upcoming rings on the board with a strategy to pop the already available rings. Sometimes these rings possess an inner ring as well.

Pay attention to those as they come on the top when the outer ring is popped. In exchange for a few coins, you can also revert a previously made move if you wish. You can pause the game, in case you need to do that for any external reasons.

Omino is a game that is designed to make sure you have the most fun. Unlike other matching games, Omino doesn't work by swiping but drag and drop which makes it one-of-a-kind in this genre.

How to Play Omino?

  • Drag and drop rings to match 3 or more together
  • If the rings match, they pop and you're given a score
  • Use coins to revert a move
  • Avoid reaching a dead-end where no rings match each other


  • Calming music & interactive UI
  • Multiple levels with rising difficulty
  • Dual rings and ring generation to make it more interesting
  • Control the play and pause as you will

Shooting numbers is the best way to relax and relieve all your stress. Come and play the game! Omino is a unique game for you if you're bored of the usual boring swipe and match games. The current winter theme makes it even more adorable and engaging.

Omino tests your ability to think logically and estimate an outcome while dropping a ring at a designated place because you need to match them with the upcoming rings too.

By finding longer chains you can combine more rings into one and aim for a higher score. You don't need more reasons, go play now!

In case you've any questions or feedback, we'd love to hear your thoughts. As we want to make Omino better and better, your suggestions come in handy!

All rights of Omino are owned by MyGamePly.