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Do you enjoy puzzles, quizzes and everything that challenges your brain? For you, we've developed Pattern. Play Pattern online to test the abilities of your brain by drawing the required patterns.

Pattern is a game to make sure your brain cells are at work every second. Pattern is exclusively made for the ones who prefer puzzle games that challenge them to push the limits!
Pattern is a game where you try to draw the desired pattern using various strokes via the virtual nailed threads. You can connect the threads to any visible dots on the board in all directions with one single aim to draw the goal pattern.
To draw a pattern, hold and move your finger to the said dot and leave when you're done. Every time you connect the thread to a dot, an X mark is placed to notify it. You can continuously see what pattern you're trying to achieve. Also, if you make a wrong move, simply undo your steps or re-start the game altogether at your will.
Be careful as you draw because Pattern quizzes your brain to try harder and improve your logical skills. Each time you make a move you're closer to your goal. Beware: don't make any mistakes!

How to Play pattern?

  • Draw the target pattern
  • Hold and move to draw lines
  • Undo if a wrong move is made
  • Level up each time you successfully draw the pattern


  • The easy UI & Simplicity of this game is unmatched
  • Patterns get difficult with each new level
  • Restart at any time, if you mess up
  • Earn stars for your performance in each level

Play Pattern to be a part of a game that engages you, tricks you and tests you with each level. The difficulty increases and so does the fun!

You may find Pattern to be a little challenging but once you get in the zone, there's no turning back. Brace yourself up for an addictive game that leaves your mind trained and puzzled!

Play the game now and test your ability to draw the perfect pattern! Got a question? Ask right away