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Play Pick Me Up

Calling out to the driving game lovers to enjoy the never-ending fun of Pick Me Up game. Play Pick Me Up online to dive into a world of a calming virtual driving experience.

We've crafted this ultimate Pick & Drop game for gaming enthusiasts who prefer tranquillity over rush. Hop in and start your pick & drop journey.

Pick Me Up is a car driving game. You're destined to successfully pick passengers from a boarding point and drop them off at their destinations unharmed and safe. To drive your vehicle, you can use a backward swiping gesture following the roadway you're driving on. Swipe faster to increase the speed and to take a turn. Every time you successfully drop off a set of passengers, you're rewarded with cash and you level up instantly.

Make sure to be safe and avoid crashes to keep the game going. You can check your score on the screen. You can also unlock various vehicles using the earned cash.

How to Play Pick Me Up?

  • Pick and drop off passengers to earn cash
  • Avoid crashing with other moving vehicles
  • Earn cash rewards for all successful drop-offs
  • Unlock levels and vehicles


  • Indulging graphics and animations
  • A fun game for all age groups
  • Be at your own pace with no timers
  • Unlimited levels for you to play endlessly

Pick Me Up online engages you in a never-before experience and beats every other driving game. This is nothing like any game you've ever played before.

Pick Me Up tests your reflex actions and patience. This is a game that rewards you to wait for other vehicles to pass and successfully reach the destination. So what are you waiting for? Pick your passengers up, they're waiting to reach their destinations! Play the game right away and test your driving skills with Pick Me Up.

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