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Play Spell School

Spell School is a Spelling puzzle game. It is highly useful for school students. The game also uses various pictures as clues. Students can also learn a lot of things by participating in such a type of puzzle.

The spelling practice app helps you in memorizing various spellings and their pronunciations as well. For each correct alphabet, you will receive one point. Interestingly, there is no way you can lose the game!

Unless you correctly fill out all boxes, alphabets won’t stick on the boxes.

How to Play Spell School?

  • It is one of the best games to strengthen your vocabulary and spelling power.
  • It’s a simple game. Understand the given clue. Fill out all boxes carefully by getting all alphabets entered in their respective boxes.
  • Spelling practice kids app is a nice and interactive game for kids and tiny tots.
  • As soon as you see the picture hint, you have to identify the word. Now, fill out all boxes carefully with their appropriate alphabet.
  • The good news is you don’t need to worry about time. You can take a lot of time to complete the puzzle.


  • Spelling puzzle game is a free online board game.
  • You don’t need to incur any cost for playing these games.
  • This is the only game in which there is no way you can lose the game.
  • Until you fill all boxes carefully with their correct solution, the word won’t be completed.

If you are unable to solve the word, simply click on the bulb button to get hints.

It is a perfect time pass game for users looking for a simple and easy online game for enjoyment.

Users can also enjoy the game with friends and acquaintances. Those who prefer light-hearted games with colourful elements can find this game ideal.

It also offers a useful platform for teachers to teach new words to their students.

MyGamePlay owns all rights to the Spell School.