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Play Take Off

Take off is an interesting game, which is all about car driving. But you have to negotiate the path carefully. Those who love cars and speed can enjoy the game uninterruptedly.

A car racing game means you have to drive the vehicle with appropriate speed and caution. A lot of obstacles will come your way, but you have to overcome all odds and challenges to go ahead in the game.

Once you start playing the game, you can’t move back or retreat and that’s the beauty of the game.

How to Play Take Off?

  • The game starts with a moving car. You have to carefully use your mouse button to drag the car in the right direction.
  • You have the option of choosing your own steering and the color of the car.
  • Speedy car racing is suitable for users of all age groups.
  • The game is simple. Just drive your car carefully so that it doesn’t hit collide with any other vehicle or obstructions.
  • If you correctly steer your car to a destination, you will be promoted to a new level.


  • Take off offers a rich graphic user interface.
  • The game comes with a cool blue background.
  • You have no lifeline available in the game. Even a single mistake can cost you the game.
  • When you grab more points, you will get more options for customization.

The real challenge in the game is to safely steer the car in a safe route so that it doesn’t collide with any divider or other objects on the street.

You can turn off the background music anytime while playing the game.

At each successful drive, you will earn points. Your scorecard will be displayed on top of the game’s screen.

The color scheme in the game is eye-friendly and doesn’t cause any eye strain.

All rights of the Take off game are owned by MyGamePlay.