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Play Tangram

Tangram is a nail-biting game for users and enthusiasts who love art, creativity, and patterns.

In the game, you need to make use of your creative skills and eye for detail to move ahead.

Tangram is not an ordinary game. Here you have to study each pattern carefully before you finally pick and place them on the board to crack the puzzle.

Each time you successfully crack the puzzle, you will move to a new level.

How to Play Tangram?

  • Once the Tangram game starts, you have to place all the puzzle pieces on the box.
  • While arranging puzzle pieces, make sure the box overall represents a meaningful pattern.
  • All pieces should get arranged in shape and must not look awry.
  • There is no timer anywhere in the game. It means you can take a lot of time to arrange the puzzling pieces together.
  • Even if you arrange it incorrectly, you will be still in the game.


  • Tangram puzzle game is an intuitive game and offers high-quality graphics and interesting elements.
  • Tangram has a cool interface, which makes it easy for users to stay busy with the game for hours without break.
  • It has a background music option as well.
  • Your live score will be displayed on top of the scorecard.
  • You can also enjoy Tangram at night as it offers an outstanding color combination.
  • Tangram puzzle game is free for everyone. Users can play the game from anywhere in the world.

It is a free game and you can play it continuously without worrying about making any payment.

It’s a browser game and you can get access to it on any browser like Google Chrome, MS Edge, and Mozilla.

The game is ideal to keep your anxiety and stress at bay. The more puzzles you solve, the more happiness you get. All rights of the Tangram game are owned by MyGamePlay.