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Play Ten

If you are a math enthusiast, 10 Game is for you. It’s simple and easy. Users of all age groups can play this game.

Ten game work just like another board game, where numbers keep on changing. Through random draw of numbers, you will eventually get your score.

You have to simply drag the numbers on the board to get new digits. Top score and your individual score will be displayed on the top right hand corner side.

How to Play Ten?

  • Press the play button to get started.
  • There will be two numbers on the board.
  • You have to drag these two numbers up, down, right, and left for changes.
  • Dragging one number on the board will automatically drag the other number, too.
  • Mean while the digits keep on changing, you have to just keep dragging one box from one side to another.
  • Initially, small numbers like 1,2,3 will be there. When you keep dragging them here and there, these numbers will add up to get bigger numbers like 5 or above.


  • It’s a simple time-pass game.
  • People who love mathematics can play this fun board game.
  • It offers a soothing colorful background causing less strain to eyes.
  • You can play the game for unlimited times.
  • It is a free online game and you need not spend any money for it.
  • You have to drag each row and column to increase your score.

It is an HTML5-based game, which is compatible with all OS and devices.

You can also play the game with sound mode on or off depending upon your mood.

Kids can get to know a lot about numbers and digits by playing this game.

If you were looking for a mysterious board game, which is simple yet full of suspense and thrill, you can enjoy Ten Game.

All rights to Ten Game are owned by MyGamePlay.