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Play Toops

Toops game is a perfect combination of thrill and simplicity. Once you get used to the game’s concept and scoring trick, it will be easier for you to accomplish new levels.

In this ball-dropping game, each ball has a number. It refers to the number of times a ball has to hit it to get it demolished. When you keep demolishing these numbered blocks, your score will keep on increasing.

How to Play Toops?

  • It is a funny ball-dropping game. You have to shoot balls from the top. The idea is to keep shooting.
  • In case a block touches the top, you will lose the game. There is no lifeline available in it.
  • Your speed and decisive skills will eventually decide how far you will go in this game.
  • The idea is to shoot balls in such a way that most of the numbered blocks get dismantled.
  • A numbered block, which is above other blocks, should be your prime target. Such a block can touch the top of the game screen anytime. So, you must get it demolished first.
  • The most interesting aspect of the ball drop puzzle game is you don’t know whether a block has to be hit once, twice, thrice, or more to get demolished.


  • Toops game has an intuitive black-colored background. You will see various elements in white, yellow, and orange for better visibility.
  • You can even play the game at night time also on your device before you go to sleep.
  • It is an open browser game and you can access it from any browser like Mozilla, MS Edge, and Google Chrome.
  • It is a free game and you don’t need to pay anything for it.
  • Your current score will be displayed on the top of the scoreboard.

If your eye and hand coordination skills are perfect, you can easily accomplish a lot of levels in the game.

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