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Play Two Dots

Do you love dot games? Two dots is the most addictive, interesting and engaging game that takes you to your childhood.

Play endless mode in expedition and get valuable rewards. If you want to check your skills by crossing different levels, you can do so. Each level will have an objective.

How to Play Two Dots?

  • Start the game
  • Choose from Times, Moves, Endless and Levels
  • Once the type is chosen connect the dots horizontally, vertically or combination of both
  • Make lines and sink anchors
  • Circles and diagonal lines are not allowed


  • Go through fun and addicting levels
  • Enjoy the minimalistic and mindful design
  • Play at your own pace
  • Figure out the perfect move without worrying about time

Move levels are on the way. There is always a powerup to help, if you are stuck. Play this two dots connect game for hours. You will not be bored.

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