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Play Wooden Slide

The wooden slide game is a classic brick arrangement game in its advanced form. Your success in the game depends much upon how you swipe the bricks of the same colours and get the slab broken.

If you successfully break three or four brick slabs, you will be promoted to the next level. But the real challenge is the brick slabs will keep going up, if you can't get a brick slab swiped or broken, you will lose the game.

How to Play Wooden Slide?

  • In this brick arrangement game, you have to arrange bricks in order.
  • You can’t commit any mistake while arranging them.
  • Brick slabs will continue to go up, you need to swipe a slab to stay in the game.
  • If a brick or any slab touches the top, you will lose the game.
  • The idea is to keep placing bricks in their suitable place.
  • Depending upon the situation of the game, you may have to do some minor adjustments to bricks while placing them.


  • The bricks fun game comes with multi-coloured bricks.
  • It has interesting background music to keep you glued to the screen.
  • The game has a lot of suspense elements, especially when you are unable to get a brick slab swapped.
  • If you play well, you have an opportunity to get qualified for higher levels.
  • Your success in the game depends a lot on your overall decisive skills.

The game suits people of all ages. Even kids would love to participate in this fun game and understand various colours.

It is a cool game to enjoy after a hard day’s work.

The game is available on various devices, including tablets, iPhones, PC, and Android smartphones.

The wooden slide game offers an intuitive background and interesting graphics. Once you understand the trick, you can enjoy the game even more and score better.

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