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Play Dunk Hoop

If you love the NBA and basketball games, you can play this game for hours. Once you play the game, you will fall in love with it.

Once the game starts, you have to drag the basket appropriately to make sure that the ball falls into it. Each time the ball successfully falls into the basket, you will earn points.

Online gamers who are looking for simple yet interesting games can opt for it. The game is simple. You can start playing it even without any technical knowledge.

How to Play Dunk Hoop?

  • Press the play button to get started.
  • Click on the finger to start playing
  • You have to position your basket in such a way that the basketball falls into it.
  • If you miss the target anytime, you will lose a lifeline.
  • When you lose all three lifelines, you will lose the Dunk Hoop.


  • The game has a simple intuitive interface.
  • It has a colorful background.
  • There is no timer, but balls automatically start falling down one by one. You have to meticulously place your basket under them.
  • You will hear the background music continuously throughout the game.
  • You will see the highest score displayed on top of the game board.

Dunk hoop game gives you the feeling of playing basketball online. Anyone can start playing it without any need of instructions.

This game is available online for free of cost. You can keep playing it as long as you want to. Basket hoop is a good game to relax your mind and calm your nerves. The game passes through various nail-biting moments.

You need to make use of your hand movement properly to score goals. You can play this game across all devices and gadgets.

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