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Play Filled Glass

Filled Glass is all about filling the glass with balls. You have to double click the mouse at an appropriate place to start getting balls.

Once you click the mouse, the balls will start falling. Make sure that all balls fall into the same box.

You will see a touching area in level 1. Press the touching area to let the balls start falling inside the glass. Each time a ball goes outside the glass, you will lose a life.

How to Play Filled Glass?

  • Click on the level 1 to get started.
  • With timely steps, you can easily win level 1.
  • After level 1, you can move to level 2.
  • The successful completion of each stage will give you points.
  • Even if a ball falls outside the glass, you will lose a lifeline.
  • You will get a total of five lifelines to complete a level.
  • You have to slowly click the mouse to generate falling balls.
  • If the balls follow a high speed, they might fall outside the glass.


  • Filled glass games are suitable for everyone.
  • Using your mind and decisive skills, you can easily win the game.
  • There are 30 levels to accomplish in the game.
  • You can play this game without any fees.
  • You can play this game continuously.
  • The game is compatible on various gadgets and devices.
  • You don’t need any instructions to play the game.

Puzzle games are good for your mind. It sharpens your mind while making you more alert and vigil.

This is an attractive game for kids who want to enjoy a simple and uncomplicated game.

You can play this game for hours without any worries.

The game background comes with a soothing color to not put unnecessary strain to your eyes.

All rights of the glass fun game are owned by MyGamePly.