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Play Road Fight

Road fight can be your favorite game if you love car driving. The game is all about speedily driving your car without getting collided with dividers at both sides and any other car.

The car moves forward and covers up a distance amidst various cars all-around. The idea is to safely navigate your car to its destination without accidents or any fight.

In the road fight game, you can sometimes hit a white car, but it will only help you gather additional points. If you hit any other car on the street, your points might get reduced.

How to Play Road Fight?

  • It’s a classic car racing game. If you have already played such types of online car racing games before, you will find it easy to play.
  • Use the four navigation keys on your keyboard to start moving the car right or left side.
  • You can’t hit the dividers on either side.
  • Keep moving your car right or left to enjoy the game.
  • You should follow a cautious approach throughout the game.


  • The speedy car racing game comes with 8 spectacular levels to accomplish
  • Its background colors and graphics are excellent.
  • You can press the pause button whenever you need it.
  • It plays a wheezing sound in the background.
  • Using the right navigation key, you can increase or decrease a car’s speed.
  • The game makes use of a timer. You have to use keys at a faster pace.
  • In-game breaks will be provided to collect fuel for your car.

The racing game can be played by students, professionals, or senior citizens.

The game comes with its intrinsic suspense elements. You may never know what happens next.

Never use the mouse button to play the game. It will hit dividers and the game will be over.

All rights of the speedy car racing game are owned by MyGamePlay.