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Play Happy Glass Game

Happy glass game is a nice game with a simple storyline. Here you have to balance a container in such a way that it shouldn’t spill down.

There are three types of gaming modes available under it: Precise, Don’t spill, and Flippy glass.

In the first stage, Precise, you have to get all content fall down into the container accurately. There is no lifeline available to the user.

How to Play Happy Glass?

  • When you play happy glass online, your sole focus should be to get the container empty but in the right manner.
  • Click on an arrow sign wherever you see it. Once you press it, various elements will start falling down to the container.
  • It is a simple time pass game. If you clear the first stage, you can then move to the next stage—Don’t Spill.
  • When you clear the second stage, you can move to the third stage.
  • In the second stage, you have to balance the container in such a way that it shouldn’t fall.


  • Its second and third stages are more challenging than the first level.
  • It’s one of the free kids games that kids would love to indulge in.
  • The happy glass comes with a simple UI, which makes it your perfect timepass buddy anytime anywhere.

The game is ideal for kids who love playing interactive games with simple graphics.

Those who want free play game online can play this game. You need not pay a single buck to start playing it.

The most interesting aspect of the game is its compatibility. You can play this game on various gadgets and devices online.

Throughout the game, you will never have to face the timer. You can take a lot of time for even a single move.

Overall, it’s a simple and relaxing cool game that you can enjoy with your friends, kids, and siblings.

All rights of the Happy glass game are owned by MyGamePly.