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Play Flight Color

Flight colour is a nail-biting game. You can’t miss out on any moment. The game is all about sliding the flight right or left.

You will see a lot of elements falling down on the flight, the idea is to safely negotiate and make sure that the flight doesn’t collide with a colourful box.

However, you will see many gems too. You have to grab them by swiping the flight.

How to Play Flight Color?

  • The flight colour game starts with a flight, which can move left and right but not up and down.
  • You need to collect at least 50 gems to get a new flight.
  • The user won’t get any lifeline. If any colour box hits your flight, the game is over.
  • There is no timer, but boxes will keep falling over you. Make sure you drive properly and don’t get your flight collided with any object.
  • Even a slight delay can cost you the game.


  • If you wish to play a free flight colour game, paste the game URL on your browser and get started.
  • It is one of the best free kids games to enjoy with your kids.
  • You can play this game for hours as it doesn’t involve any fees.
  • It is a free browser game and is easily compatible with any type of gadgets

This space adventure game comes with an intuitive interface and colourful graphics, which make it perfect for all users.

The more gems you collect, the better your score will be. It is not just another space game, but it has a lot of suspense elements too.

Your current score and total gems collected will be displayed on the left side and right side respectively. Your current score will help you keep a tab on your progress in the game.

It is a good game for time pass and practice.

All rights of Flight Color are owned by MyGamePly.