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Play Knife Hit Game

Knife hit is perfect for those who love thrill and suspense. In this game, you have to make your aim right to survive in the game.

In level one, you will get five chances to destroy a board. You have to make sure that your knife hit remains accurate.

If you successfully hit the board within the available chances, you will move to the next round. But any mistake means you will lose the game.

How to Play Knife Hit?

  • You can play the knife hit game by hitting all your knife on a revolving board.
  • If your aim is correct and knives hit the board from all sides, the board will be destroyed.
  • Then you will be promoted to the next round. Here you have to hit the board but with more challenges. Sometimes, you may also have to hit both the board and apples within the available chances.
  • Just remember, you can’t hit your knife at another knife already stuck on the board. Anytime it happens, you will lose the game.


  • The knife hit game is easy to play. It comes with an interactive user interface and attractive color schemes.
  • It is a colorful game and will keep you on your toes till the last move.
  • The game has no timer system. You can take as much as you need to hit the knife accurately at the board.
  • Each time you successfully hit the board with a knife, you will earn 1 point for it.
  • You will get additional points when you successfully hit apples.
  • You can play knife hit game online for free. You just need to paste the game URL on your browser to get started.

Anybody can enjoy playing this game for hours. It’s a free browser game and is available on various browsers online.

You can indulge in the game to rejuvenate yourself after a tiring day at home.

All rights of the knife hit game are owned by MyGamePly.