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Play Knife Ninja

In the Knife Ninja game, you will get a knife and revolving board with two tomatoes to hit. You will get as many as eight options to hit both the tomatoes. However, under any case, you can’t hit a knife with another knife.

As soon as you hit the knife already struck on the board, the game will be over. But if you successfully throw all knives on the board successfully without hitting another knife, you will be promoted to level 2.

How to Play Knife Ninja?

  • You have to hit all the knives on the board.
  • But no knife should hit another knife on the board.
  • The board will keep on revolving; that’s the challenge.
  • When all knives are successfully struck on the revolving board, you will move to the next stage.
  • Each time the knife successfully hits the board, you will get points.


  • Knife throwing game is all about hitting the right targets.
  • There is no lifeline in the game.
  • If you throw a knife at another knife on the revolving board, the game is over.
  • Knife Ninja makes use of attractive color to make this game soothing to eyes.
  • Background sound will be played throughout the game. There is no option to press mute button.
  • The background music is highly inspired from ancient Chinese music.

You won’t find a single dull moment in the Knife Ninja game. It is highly ideal for kids and youth who want to sharpen their mind.

You won’t have to incur any cost for playing this game. It is available online for free of cost.

It is a simple game and even non-tech-savvy people can also play it for hours.

After a hard day’s work at the office, people can enjoy the game with their family members.

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