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Play Knot

Users who love geometrical patterns and shapes will find Knot extremely nail-biting and interesting. The Knot game follows a particular pattern and you have to create a knot using the available puzzling blocks.

If you complete a pattern and successfully solve the puzzle, you can move to the next stage. The game becomes even more interesting at each successive level.

Your current level will be displayed at the top. At initial levels, things will be simple, but there will be more difficult puzzles to solve in the successive levels.

How to Play Knot?

  • It is a simple game in which you have to create a knot from the available puzzling blocks.
  • If you wish to play a game online, which is full of thrill and suspense, you can play Knot. Arrange all the puzzling boxes in order to get the knot and win that level.
  • You can take as much time as you need to complete the game. There is no hurry. You won’t have to face the stress of timer while playing knot games online.
  • You can’t move to the next level or skip your current level without solving the knot puzzle. As soon as you solve the puzzle, you will see an arrow to proceed to its next level.


  • Knot has a simple user interface, which causes less strain on the eyes.
  • The elements of the game are available in cool colors like red and blue.
  • You need not worry about lifelines. You will get a lot of opportunities to create a knot through the trial and error method.
  • You can play Knot for free online. Just paste its URL on your browser to launch the game.

This game sharpens your mind and strengthens your decision-making abilities.

Kids can also play the game to understand various shapes and patterns.

All rights of the knot game are owned by MyGamePly.