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Play Mr Gun Game

Mr Gun is an adventurous game that is all about hitting your enemies. The game starts with a default gun in your hand. As soon as the game starts, another rifle will appear out of nowhere and trouble you.

You have to hit your enemies before they finish you. There is no lifeline available to you. Even if a single bullet hits your gun, the game will be over.

There are plenty of outfits and guns to choose from. The more enemies you kill, the greater will be your score.

You can Play Free Mr Gun Game on any compatible browser which you use on your system.

How to Play Mr Gun?

  • When the game starts, you will get a gun by default. Just start hitting your targets.
  • You have to first position yourself carefully and then start hitting your targets.
  • Even a slight delay in hitting your target could bring an end to the game.
  • When you successfully kill all your enemies, you will be promoted to a new level.


  • It is one of the most interesting Free Kids Games for users who love guns and shootings.
  • The game comes with a cool blue interface, which makes it possible for even senior citizens to enjoy the game.
  • It is a free browser game and you need not incur a single penny to enjoy the game.
  • You have nine types of guns to choose from and start hitting your enemies. But you can buy a new gun only when you have enough coins in your hand.

Similarly, Mr Gun also provides you with an opportunity to don various types of outfits, including Cowboy, Hitman, Camouflage, Gunner, and Sniper. But you need to have at least 350 coins to activate the mode.

You can easily play the game and don’t even need to check instructions to understand the game.

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