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Play Rise-up

Rise-up is an interesting game, which is based on the theme of running and moving forward. You have to run upward all the time.

There are plenty of enclosed spaces where you will get an opportunity to run and level up your game. However, if you move to a box with no closed space and you hit the end of the box, the game gets over.

It’s a simple game with lots of interesting levels. The more levels you climb up, the more points you will accumulate.

How to Play Rise-up?

  • Keep running and there’s no way to stop.
  • Click on the mouse button to go up.
  • Don’t press the mouse button when you are running at the end of a box with no railing or border.
  • You can’t alter the speed in the game, so your hand and eye coordination have to be perfect all the time.
  • Don’t get allured by moving up; take your time and then decide.
  • Once you press the mouse click, there is no second chance either you will go up or get perished.


  • Rise up game comes with multiple levels to accomplish.
  • You can also enable its full-screen mode.
  • The background colors keep changing at its every level.
  • You can keep a tab on your score on top of the screen.
  • The background sound can be turned off or on as per your choice.
  • No lifeline is provided to users.
  • Any wrong move means you have lost the game.

Running and the rising game is suitable for users of all ages. Anyone can play this game without any previous experience of online games.

You can start playing the running game without any instructions. Each time you successfully move the runner up the order, you score a point.

All rights of the running game are owned by MyGamePly.