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Play Rolling Panda Game

If you love wildlife, you can’t miss out on the rolling panda game. It is an interesting game that revolves around a panda’s survival strategy.

A user has to make sure that the Panda is safely placed at a cliff following the direction of the arrow in the game on time.

As soon as the Panda completes the necessary steps, the theme color gets changed.

The Panda Fun Game is all about eye-hand coordination.

How to Play Rolling Panda?

  • You have to drag your mouse as per the arrow indicated in the game.
  • Make sure that the Panda safely reaches the other side of the mountain cliff.
  • In any case, Panda shouldn’t touch the smooth surface on the mountain; the game gets over immediately.
  • You have to click the mouse button fast to save the panda from falling down.
  • You will get points for each successful move.
  • There is no lifeline in the game. A single wrong move means The End.


  • The live score of the game will be displayed on top.
  • Using your mind and decisive skills, you can easily win the game.
  • The game won’t cause any eye strains. The color schemes used in the game are cool colors.
  • Kids below 10 years can also enjoy the game.
  • It is a good interactive game to make people aware of environmental problems around us.
  • It has a soothing xylophone tone in the background. You can also mute the sound option.
  • Using the arrow direction, you can move the panda up and down.

After a hard day’s work, if you want to indulge in a game, Rolling Panda will be the best for you. It removes stress from your mind while making you feel calm and relaxed.

The game also makes you more empathetic to nature and increases your natural urge to know more about panda—an endangered creature.

All rights of the Rolling Panda are owned by MyGamePlay.