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Play Shishagon Game

Shishagon is a nail-biting game for users who love numbers. It is a number puzzle game in which you have to make the right number of moves to make the number inside each of the hexagons in the game zero.

When you start the game, you will see each hexagon box representing a particular number. It gives you enough hints to complete the next steps. There will be arrow keys as well that show the direction in which you should move the numbers.

You have to take the same number of steps to turn each hexagon box to zero. Destroy all hexagon boxes as soon as you can. Since it’s a number game, any wrong move can lead to your end.

How to Play Shishagon?

  • Once you get started, you will see three hexagon boxes with numbers mentioned in them.
  • Each number in the box represents the number of steps or chances you will get to turn the number to zero.
  • Don’t miss out on following the arrow symbols. They show you the direction in which you should move the boxes.
  • Confusions may arise when you see multiple arrow symbols. Make sure you follow the right arrow keys first.


  • Those with a good computational attitude can do better in the game.
  • Initially, it would seem difficult, but once you understand the game’s concept, you enjoy playing it.
  • There is no timer. For each move, you can wait and take a lot of time.
  • The dark background and soothing game sound make it more interesting for users.

Kids and students can increase their mathematical knowledge by playing this game. They can come to know about various geometrical and mathematical terms like Hexagon, arrow, triangle, and numbers.

It is available for free of cost on all gadgets and browsers. Just paste the game URL into the browser to get started.

All rights of the Shishagon are owned by MyGamePly.