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Play Slices Game

Slice game is an interesting puzzle game in which you have to connect each slice in such a way to get the completed slice.

There are six boxes, in which you will get an opportunity to arrange slices in such a way that they form a meaningful shape.

It is a board puzzle game and you can’t make the right move before calming your mind. Each time you place a slice in a box, you will get 1 point for it. Also, if you successfully complete a slice puzzle in any box, you will get multiple bonus points for it.

How to Play Slices?

  • Move the slice up, down, right and left to place them inside their boxes.
  • You have to focus on the pattern to win the slice fill game
  • While moving the slices, focus on the missing slices in other boxes.
  • If missing slices complete a pattern in any box, you will get bonus points and increase your chance of moving to the next level.


  • Slice puzzle game comes with a dark background soothing to the eyes.
  • You need to practise the game at least three-four times to properly understand it.
  • You have multiple levels to accomplish in the game.
  • You must have the right imagination skill to proceed with the game.
  • There is an option to turn the game sound on and off.

You have to drag your mouse to move the slice from one box to another. It’s a pretty simple game to keep your stress at bay.

It is an ideal game for kids and children who love playing colourful games online. It’s a free game, and anybody can play it for hours.

No need to get registered on the site to play it. Simply paste the game’s URL on the address bar to get started.

MyGameply owns all rights of the Slice puzzle game.